SEO for Small Business

Over the last decade, SEO Organics has firmly established a proven track record of providing effective search engine optimisation for small businesses. We know what small businesses require from their SEO and we make sure that our product offering meets their needs.

SEO for small business is a product that has been created to suit most small businesses where time and budget are limited, but not their ambition.



  • Multi keyword optimisation
  • Google Local optimisation
  • Relevant link packages
  • We will do the programming work required
  • Personal account management
  • Monthly contact and reporting


At Just Search we’re confident that we can move the vast majority of our clients’ agreed keywords into the top 10 search positions within a 6 month period.


To make the SEO process as hassle-free as possible for you, the customer, our programmers can implement all SEO changes required on your site, so there is no need to worry about coordinating with your web designers and the casts that can be associated. The on-page changes that we make will help the search engines know that your site is relevant to the phrases which have been targeted by the campaign. Each and every one of our search engine optimisation products comes with a relevant and appropriate link package which helps to tell the search engines that your site is important as well as relevant.


Also due to recent Google Local changes, we ensure that every one of our small businesses has claimed and optimised its small business listings, and is making the most of Google Local opportunities. It is also quite possible that your site would benefit from an attached blog with regularly updated SEO content which grows your site and tells the search engines that the site is constantly being freshened up and updated.


If you want to talk with SEO Organics regarding SEO for your small business, please feel free to contact one of our SEO advisors for no obligation advice.

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