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Google has become the most successful search engine through giving its users the most relevant results for their queries. Therefore, in order for your website to rank at the top of Google’s results, you need to ensure that your website is the best resource for your industry.

The more relevant and unique content you have included on your site, the greater the chance that Google will consider your site the most relevant for a user’s query.

Just Search provides web content which benefits your visitors AND helps your site become more established with the search engines. Our content is written with SEO in mind, so your site will benefit from every new page which is added.  Each additional page added, which has fresh unique content, creates another route through which search engine users can access your site.

As an internet content provider, we can help you achieve this through adding articles to your site each day. Relevant and unique web content encourages the search engines to consider your site a leading authority within your market.



Just Search provides internet content which could be news or informative articles, but both will be relevant to your industry and will ensure that the right sort of traffic is driven to your site.

The content written will be unique, so it will not be copied or duplicated from elsewhere, as this is bad in the eyes of Google and would end up leading to less favourable rankings.



Content is king and probably the best kept secret of SEO. The benefits of hiring web content providers are many:


Long tail search traffic

Having more content on your website helps you get traffic from more specific “long tail” keyword searches that cannot be targeted with regular SEO.


Faster indexing

Search engines index news and blog sites much quicker than regular websites. Ensuring your website is updated on a regular basis encourages the search engines to visit your site more frequently, meaning it is indexed more rapidly.


Generates discussion

Blog and news content often receives comments from interested parties and potential customers, which can then lead to further discussion and user participation on your website. These comments also become valuable, free content and are themselves indexed and ranked by the search engines.


Solicits enquiries

Knowledgeable, well-written articles about your business, products or sector will encourage readers to enquire about your services, which in turn can lead to a sale.


Promotes community

When users of your website post comments, they are interacting with each other, which promotes a community feel to your website.


Repeat visits

When a website is updated regularly with interesting content, it encourages visitors to return. A site which becomes stagnant discourages users from returning, as there is no reason to do so.



Interesting and regularly updated content on your website encourages visitors to subscribe to your updates via RSS. This ensures that whenever you add any new information, the people who are the most interested are notified automatically.


Internal link strength

The content added will often contain links to specific pages of your website which increases your website’s internal link strength and notifies the search engines that you have other relevant content.

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