Content Marketing

2018….. The Year that content really did become king.


So we have all said it- many of us for years. Content is king. and we have been right for years- kind of.


Back in 2014, and even more so wayback in 2009, ranking a site was largely as simple as writing some keyword rich content and pointing a few links at the page with the correct anchor text. Pretty soon we all had 300,000 words on our pages and were ranking for  our given search terms. But most of it was simply regurgitated rubbish, focussed at duping the search engines into ranking our sites higher than our competitors,  that failed to resonate with our potential customers, so when they landed on that page of well ranking content, they would promptly back out of our websites and go looking elsewhere for their desired product. But those clever bunnies at Google and similar figured this out and over the past few years, have tweaked their algorithm to take into account UX- or user experience, as a huge weighting factor in how a website ranks.


So then we all got our acts together and started to produce user focused, beautiful content for our potential customers. Winning! Well, almost.


They way in which the Search Engines view content has shifted. We need it to be interactive, user focussed, and visually impacting. But we also need to get it distributed. Without distribution, very few people will see your content, and more importantly, it will not entice new visitors to take interest in your company. Enter the term ‘Content Marketing’.


We will produce, polish, and, using our expansive network of webmasters and industry friends, distribute your content, to drive new inbound enquiries, add off page weight, and complete your Search Optimisation offering.


Call or email us for more information on how this can benefit your website and a run down of the various options available to you.

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